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Don’t ever accept that all your best moments are in the past.

~ Rick Clunn


Greatness- the quality of being great, eminence, distinction, the concept of a state of superiority affecting a person or object, acquisition of status by the people who have contributed to an organization. All of the above are easily found official definitions of the word. Greatness comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, usually in short fleeting glimpses of time. There is another form of greatness, one that covers a longer period of time, is much more enduring and has a much more profound impact if you have developed the ability to appreciate it when you see it. This is the kind of greatness I had the privilege to witness this past weekend. Covering the Bassmaster Elite Tournament on the St Johns River quickly went from the work of gathering various forms of coverage and interviews to an emotional chance to see greatness in its truest form. There is a legend...

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Bass Matrix Tournament Winning Patterns

74lb. 7oz.

Total tournament weight

4th Place

Bassmaster Elite at St. Johns River

Yum Dinger
Yum Dinger



Pattern Matrix function is truly unique and easy to use. Love the detail!

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