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Greatness- the quality of being great, eminence, distinction, the concept of a state of superiority affecting a person or object, acquisition of status by the people who have contributed to an organization. All of the above are easily found official definitions of the word. Greatness comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, usually in short fleeting glimpses of time. There is another form of greatness, one that covers a longer period of time, is much more enduring and has a much more profound impact if you have developed the ability to appreciate it when you see it. This is the...[ read more ]

Bass Matrix is Bigger and Better in 2016

The 2016 Professional Bass fishing season is upon us! Here at Bass Matrix we are looking forward to a new and exciting season including several awesome new features. We would like to start with thanking all of you for your support of our inaugural year online. We had so much fun bringing Bass Matrix to life, and in particular covering Carl Jocumsen's stay with us and his incredible tournament on the Chesapeake Bay. We had so much fun that we decided to do it bigger and better this year! This year Bass Matrix will be covering tournaments up and down...[ read more ]
Bass Fishing

Ask any pro…

Ask any pro what is the biggest difference between the success rate of the casual weekend angler and successful professionals and one of the first things he will say is the ability to transition from "spot" fishing, to pattern or conditional fishing. As the casual angler we pull up to a spot and fish it knowing we have caught fish there before and sometime we are successful and sometimes not. What makes the difference? Knowing and understanding why they were there to begin with. Part of that understanding is pulling as many factors and variables of information together that replicate...[ read more ]

What Is Bassmatrix?

Over 20 years ago when I began bass fishing and had aspirations of becoming a professional tournament fisherman, I started collecting every bass fishing publication I could get my hands on. Many of the pros at the time talked about how they had binders of material they had saved of tournaments they had fished including articles cut out of these publications. So that made me even more meticulous about saving them. My dream of being a professional tournament fisherman has faded over time, however my love of helping others learn about the sport did not (part of the reason I...[ read more ]
Bassmaster Elite - Carl Jocumsen

On Our Way To Weigh In

On our way to day 2 weigh in for the Upper Chesapeake Bay Elite tournament and it appears our friend and guest Carl Jocumsen crushed them today. Unofficial tally has him in 1st place with about 18 lbs today, which would be the heaviest bag of the tournament. We will get some pictures to post when we get there and try to get a quick video from him this evening. Follow Carl on his quest for his first Elite win at or on and see him weigh in live!