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Ask any pro…

Ask any pro what is the biggest difference between the success rate of the casual weekend angler and successful professionals and one of the first things he will say is the ability to transition from “spot” fishing, to pattern or conditional fishing. As the casual angler we pull up to a spot and fish it knowing we have caught fish there before and sometime we are successful and sometimes not.

What makes the difference?

Knowing and understanding why they were there to begin with. Part of that understanding is pulling as many factors and variables of information together that replicate the times that we were successful.

That is where The Bass Matrix comes in.

We have the first totally searchable database, from any point of information you enter, that will then pull all your results based on the variables you enter. 

No more looking at way points on your GPS and trying to remember the conditions in which you caught them. Look up the location and conditions you are faced with, and if you have fished those conditions previously and logged your info you will retrieve all your info on them in the order of the most success by weight.

Will this site make you a professional overnight?

Absolutely not, but if you log your information correctly it will help you keep track of successful vs unsuccessful fishing conditions and that will always make you a better fisherman.

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