What Is Bassmatrix?

Over 20 years ago when I began bass fishing and had aspirations of becoming a professional tournament fisherman, I started collecting every bass fishing  publication I could get my hands on.

Many of the pros at the time talked about how they had binders of material they had saved of tournaments they had fished including articles cut out of these publications. So that made me even more meticulous about saving them.

My dream of being a professional tournament fisherman has faded over time, however my love of helping others learn about the sport did not (part of the reason I wasn’t a great tournament fisherman….can’t help myself but to share when I found a good pattern or spot which isn’t conducive to tournament success)

Fast forward a few years and going through the piles of publications I had in my house I came up with the idea of a program or website that would hold all the tournament info I had sitting in front of me and if I could make it all completely searchable that it would help fisherman see and learn patterns they hadn’t tried before.

I have even had success in local tournaments using this method which helped form the idea. I was fishing a local tournament on the Potomac River, had fished there before but had really stumbled with very little success. So before this tournament I went through all my publications and read about every tournament I could find on the Potomac. Now I knew that the most recent tournament results would not help because they were too recent and all the local fisherman would be trying those patterns and wearing it out. So I went back a couple years and fished a 2nd place pattern where a guy had fished a sewage plant discharge and finished in second place. It was a finesse technique called a split shot rig that I had never tried before. So I tried it in practice and had success, and during the tournament finished in first place and caught the biggest bass of the year in my club tournament. An idea was born, and here we are trying to develop and refine that idea.

I hope you find it useful and helpful in your future fishing.


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